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Become a Sponsor Today!

By Ubaldo Murillo, 03/19/16, 11:00PM EDT



Here are some ways you could help:

  • A general donation to the league
  • A sponsorship to a team, or an entire age group
  • In-Kind donation of products or services currently purchased by the league.
  • Advertisement/Signage on uniforms, apparel, banners, etc.


$300 will earn your company’s name on 1 team’s jerseys

$600 will cover the field rental costs for East Pennsboro township

$750 will cover the cost of new goalie nets for the league

$1,200 will earn your company’s name on jerseys for an entire age group

$1,500 will cover the cost of paint to line the fields for the season

$6,700 will pay for the insurance costs for the league to operate safely and surely

Sponsors will be named on our website, which receives 500+ visits a week!


EPLW Soccer 

P.O Box 645     

Enola, Pa 17025



*600+ youths play for EPLW       

*There are over 125 volunteers per season

*There are over 400 games scheduled during a regular season

* Adams Ricci Community park is made up of 82 acres

*Over 6,000 cups of Gatorade are handed out throughout the season

EPLW is a nonprofit tax exempt organization registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our tax exempt status is determined by section 501C (3).

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, please click here.